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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rules of ♥


Kiss on the lips = i love you
Kiss on the ear = you are special
Kiss on the nose = laughter
Kiss on the cheek = friendship
Kiss on the forehead = i comfort you
Kiss on the neck = i want you
Kiss on the shoulder = u are wonderful
Kiss anywhere else = be careful
Play arount with hair = can't live without u
Holding hands = happiness
Arms arount waist = u are mine/i need u
A hug = i care
Nibble on ear = start warming
Smiling at each other = i like u
Lifting up eyebrow/wink = flirting
Looking around = hiding true feelings
Tender kiss on the side of the lips = u are mine
Wetting your lips = waiting for a kiss
Tear drops = i am losing u
Crying = i lose you

Monday, February 22, 2010

the gedikss

Heyhey, it has been awhile since my last post right?:D Today, i would like to share something about my 'gang selipar' also known as 'the gedikss'. This gang consists of 4 not so available ladies named Meera, Zue, Wawa and Yana. For your information, we only know each other for almost 2 years. Its all begin when we were placed in a same dorm in UiTM City Campus JB. Who don't know the most conflict and complicated dorm, B304 ^_^ urm, we started to get close during the end of part 2. It was an coincidence actually. Zue and i were heading to angsana, maybe (i don't remember angsana or city square), while wawa and yana were going to the other one after a futsal match. Then, we decided to went to both malls together. Guess what, we have to get back to the campus by 8, so we had made the craziest decision ever to overnight without any car or plan. Only us 4 but actually it was the thing that get us close. That time we realized that we have a lot of things in common. From clothes until boys. Humm.. really miss that time babe. Now, im no longer with them. We have been separated since i applied the fast track and transfered to UiTM City Campus Melaka. But i really hope that we could friends and be crazy like this forever. Love you all..xoxoxoxox





we hang out, we sleep, we dance, we swimming and we went crazy on the night

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


mnde nie sume bdk UiTM knal :)

Ni bwu kne td.. tpat pkol 3.15 ptg, aku bwu pash abesh jwb quiz MGT 420. excited gile sbb dpt jwb sume doe smpai lupe na cover leher. mmg kbtulan bju yg aku pkai td tdedah cketla tat part leher, tp salu klw pkai aku cover. aku kwa lift je twos kne pggl nan macek guard y tplg poyo d KBM. Haha:D Nila hsilnye..

I love u, but i hate u more.

Father..daddy..husband..when someone call you with such ways, you hold a big, great responsible in your life,which deals your fate now and hereafter. Why you become a father if you can't do what you are supposed to do? Why you get into a marriage if you have never prepare to be responsible? People always say, whatever you do, family comes first. Have you ever think about that? From the place to live until the food to eat, its all your responsibilities but why its always mom?

You wanted your child to be somebody in life, but you never be the example. Who are you? Who are you if fail in everything? It is very funny when you act like you ever care about your family in front of everyone. Eventhough, some of them know what exactly is happening. You proud when any of your friends praising your child. But at home, you said your child are useless, rude and stupid. Did you realize who is going to take care of you when you are old? Who else if it isn't your child?

Have you ever think, what can a jobless mother do to support your child? You left all the responsibles to her, but you don't let her work. It will not become an issue if you give the allowance every month like you are suppose to give. You don't and you even ask for money from us. What on earth are you dad? Even the animals know how to love their family..

i love you, but i hate you even more
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