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Friday, July 16, 2010

when you find true friendship, you find true love

*this post is only for you. you know who you are if u read this.

i dont know what should i do now. but i think i know what my heart wants. if it is a wrong choice, let it be something that i could learn in my life. so i wont repeat it next time. im sorry because i gave you hope earlier. i never expected there will be any guy that may love me that way.. the way you love me. i know, nothing may go wrong if i choose you instead of him. but i love him more. kalau ade jodoh kite, satu ari nanti, u dgn i jgak. oke? i want you to think it positively and maturely. not blaiming yourself, the God or the fate. i dont want you to give up your life because of me. i am nothing. there's so many other girls out there that can give you more than what i can give. and dont think i am running away right now. i just need sometime. sometime to be free of all these problem. its killing me.

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