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Saturday, April 24, 2010

lady 'meera' gaga??

don't you just love LADY GAGA?
what???! you don't have any idea what, or who lady gaga is??
i guess you don't have internet ( then how can you read this?) at your house? tv? radio??
then, take a look at this..
eh!! that's me!! :p

oke. enough of photos.
i just want to share with you all.. that i LOVE her ♥
i love her unique
i love her style
i love her fashion
i love her image
&& especially her voice
ooh! i just love lady gaga :)
some maybe says..she's just too much.
(that's what some of my friends said)
but that 'too much' is the thing that attracts her fans just like me (:
but i know that it is impossible for her to be Malaysia * cryinggg*


ielamorry said...

i like her fashion-weirdness~~~ haha. so unique and outrageous! only she can pull it off kan? :D

Meera said...

haha:D 100% agreed.
i love her so much :)

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