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Thursday, April 8, 2010

merepek tgh2 mlm

"im just totally n completely sick of being in love.
i hate d time when i start to care bout someone.
its just like throwing myself inside d same boiling pot.
even i knew that at d end,i ll get hurt.
but everytym i got dat feeling.
i feel lyk in the air.
evrytink is possible 4 me.
n now,its happening again.
lyk b4, i ll always hoping dat it wont last.
bcos i just want it lyk everyone does.
its just too tired n sick of love.!"

* QUOTE from own words 7 months ago.
( actually baru terbace alek entry ni di satu ruangan)

mase tu, i sgt hope hbgn dgn mmt uwh smpai bile
tapi.. well. im just planning & hoping
its already done


i am with him now
meera happy? yes. nanges? biasela tu.
scandal? no more( baeknyee)

harap sgt nothing gonna interfere the relationship.
nape post pasal nie ea?
sbb lately.. im worry so much

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