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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

Thank you nuffnang for this contest. Click here for more info. You ladies should give it a try too.!! :D

to my beloved Mohd Syafiq Abd Rahman,

my love for you are greater and stronger everyday.
no matter how far you are,
i'll keep us closer.
and no matter where ever you will be,
i'll always be right next to you.
or the consequences we have to deal with,
i'll make it easier for you.
i'll travel around the world for you.
i'll across the seven seas to hug you,
and i'll fly up to the sky just to watch your doing.
what ever people are saying, i'll ignore 
the only reason for these is,
my life would never be complete if there is no you.

Of course i am willingly to go for any distance for my other half. Sadly, i met him somewhere in Johor, because that is where he is staying. While i am studying in Malacca and my hometown is Subang. Accepting to go further with him meaning i have to sacrifice a lot in order to meet him. We had been like that for the past 8 months. Thanks to the technology, now we have handphones and the internet, which makes us closer. That is how we get connected everyday. 

He is my everything from the moment he stole my heart away. Whatever the distance is, i can go and reach him. I even went to Johor just for a couple of hours of dating :) I do not care what people talks about us. Some said a long distance relationship wouldn't last long. But i will prove to them, they were wrong. It depends on how much effort you put into a relationship, not a distance. Now, he is on police training. After that training, he will be post to somewhere around Malaysia which no one knows yet. Hopefully we will get nearer and closer after this. I miss him so badly and i wish i could be there, at the camp ;D

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