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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 November bday yana gemok

entry ni khas ditujukan buat YANA GEMOK :D
Happy Birthday baby !!
ini je yg i mampu na belikan untuk u sygs. sory oke :)
umo suda lanjut, jgn nanes nanes lagi. 
nanti maken kuwus, ta mantappp agy body u.
ta sedapp peluk pla.

rindu banyak banyak kat you.
ingat ehh. 
i tasuke u nanges nanges.
i tana u egt kat dia lagi.
jgn lyn dia da.
u deserve someone way better than him.

the right man will comes at the right time.
comes with a feeling that u cannot return back to him.
he will loves u with all his heart.
and will never make u cry.
Allah has promised us.
a man for every woman.
and a woman for every man.
a good man for a good woman.
a bad man for a bad woman.
every sad thing that happen today, is for u to learn to face the next day.
it will make u braver and tougher.
there will be more tests after this, and it's all just the test that come from Allah.
remember, for all the things happen to u, i will always stand beside u.
loveyoualways, meera <3


liyanaZainal said...

aku terharu bace post nyh :((((

i try wey.
thnx sb jd kwn aku slme nyh n slalu ade tok aku :))

love you moreee :DD

Meera said...

love you too :)

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